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April 24, 2008
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Codename: Titans Next Door by geoffHeaven Codename: Titans Next Door by geoffHeaven
Codename: Titans Next Door.

I combined the plot and characters of the two cartoon shows, Codename:Kids Next Door and Teen Titans Go! to form this art piece and the following plot:

The TND is an organization that was put up in order to combat impending threats in the society. The organization recruits children who have super powers and / or exceptional abilities in the battlefield, who are given the title of "titan". With the prevalence of adult super villains it has come to pass that every major part of the world needed a branch of the TND. Sector V is a sector that was formed in a part of the United States' West Coast. It consists of some of the best titans of the organization, each with their designated titan codename:

Operative Numbuh 1 - Nigel Uno aka "Robin"

One of the organization's best operatives, with physical prowess unmatched by anyone in the organization. He was trained by a man called "the Bat" in one of the seediest cities of the United States. This led to him becoming commander in a different sector prior to Sector V. However, he took his role for granted and the sector disbanded after a failed mission. Knowing this, he adapted a new identity and personality and moved in a foster family. He then became the first-in-command officer of the TND Sector V branch.

Operative Numbuh 2 - Hoagie Gilligan aka "Cyborg"

The super genius of the TND organization. He was gifted with exceptional intelligence that surpassed all others and the ability to fix any machine. As such he was paired with operative numbuh 1 prior to the conception of Sector V. However, he was a cowardly member and could not help his team much on the battlefield eventually leading to the failure of a very crucial mission. Finding his way to TND arctic sector he utilized their 2x4 technology to design weapons for his next designated team. Aside from that, he also designed the "cyborg suit" which only he could use. This was to ensure that he could join his team on the battlefield and not be a burden.

Operative Numbuh 3 - Kuki Sanban aka "Starfire"

A girl who was born with the power of the stars. Back when she was a still young and was still in Japan, she was sheltered due to her parents' fear of her naturally gifted powers. This led to her not being able to experience many things children her age do. This is the reason she would end up looking at all the positive things in life and being happy even in tough times. Upon moving to the United States she was recruited by Global TND due to her powers and received training in the TND arctic sector where she met her future team mates.

Operative Numbuh 4 - Wallabee Beatles aka "Beast Boy"

A boy with the ability to change into different types of animals, adapting to any situation that arises in the battle field. He was given this power when he was doused with chemicals in his father's laboratory in Australia. The accident left him with emerald-green eyes as opposed to his original blue, a green streak on his hair and the ability to change his appearance. Ostracized because of his abilities, he grew bitter and rebellious leading his parents to start a new life in the United States. This rebelliousness would stay with him until he is eventually drafted into the TND and is accepted by his teammates, primarily by operative numbuh 3.

Operative Numbuh 5 - Abigail Lincoln aka "Raven"

The mysterious titan of the sector with the ability to harness dark magic. She was abandoned early in her childhood and acquired amnesia from an accident - leading to her forgetting many of her childhood memories. Living without anything to actually live for, she grew stoic and pessimistic which triggered much of her latent powers. The orphanage which took her in feared her after experiencing much of her dark abilities and was forced to give her up to a foster family in the West Coast. It was at this time that the TND acquired interest for her and sent her to train for her time in Sector V.

LOL I had fun making this story. I actually incorporated alot of elements that were found in both shows and made up some parts by looking at the Teen Titans comic books (the old ones) so some parts may be somewhat similar in notion.

Please comment in both the art and story. :)

Disclaimer: I "own" these made-up characters and the story, however I DO NOT own the characters which I based these guys on. The characters and story of the shows "Codename: Kids Next Door" and "Teen Titans Go!" are all owned by their respective owners.
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You drew this really well! :D Now if only we could convinc e Raven to act more cheerful (Just a little) Like Numbuh 5. ;) Taht would be a miricale.
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This is seriously awesome!!! :D
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I LOVED THIS SHOW AS A KID!!!!!!!!!! IT"S MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This totally makes sense!
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very cool!
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You pegged everyone so well. Cept Cyborg's not a coward, but I get you needed that to make the eices fit.
jhaycee-chan25 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha nice crossover!! ;D
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